The John Ena Story - maritime history

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The John Ena Story is dedicated to the descendants of the remarkable sailing Madsen family, and to tall ship and maritime history enthusiasts throughout the world.

Captain Madsen was in command of this windjammer, a four-masted, full-rigged bark, from 1896-1910. He often sailed around the world with his wife, Anna Marie (Mary) and their four children, Dagmar, Albert, Matilda, and Ena.

This site chronicles the adventures of the sailing Madsen Family aboard the John Ena. It includes a description of the family's luxurious accommodations, a log of voyages under the Captain's command, a chilling tale of riding out a series of tremendous typhoons in the South Seas, a record of the Madsen family genealogy, and a gallery of old photographs of this bygone era. We hope you have an enjoyable experience upon your journey through these pages, and that you will email us with your comments or suggestions!


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