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Automobile History John W. Lambert, Henry Ford, Rudolf Diesel, Nicolaus August Otto, Automobile Accessories

General Histories & Timelines

Automobile The history of the automobile covering over one hundred years. MotorCrafts' Timeline of Automotive History A year by year look at automobiles starting in 1770. The Early Years Gasoline powered automobile 1896-1901 Autoworld Timeline Highlights of automobile history by major epoch.

John W. Lambert

America's First Gasoline Automobile The 1891 Lambert car and it's inventor. Note: Click on the 'history button" and 'page 1,3,4,5,6,7' to read all the history.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford Invented the "assembly line" for automobile manufacturing - Invention Dimension. Henry Ford Invented a transmission mechanism - National Inventors Hall of Fame. Henry Ford Lengthy biography of the man who popularized the gas powered car. Henry Ford And The Model T An interesting look at Ford's contributions to the automobile.

Charles E. Duryea

Charles E. Duryea 1861-1938, Early auto pioneer.

Rudolf Diesel

Rudolf Diesel Inventor of the internal combustion engine.

Nicolaus August Otto

Nicolaus August Otto Inventor of the gas motor engine, engineer Nicolaus August Otto invented the first practical alternative to the steam engine. Nikolaus August Otto, a German experimenter, invented the first Four-Stroke Internal-Combustion Engine in 1876. He called it the "Otto Cycle Engine" As soon as he had completed his engine, he built it into a motorcycle.

Charles Franklin Kettering

Charles Franklin Kettering Inventor of the first automobile electrical ignition system and the first practical engine-driven generator.

More Information, Historical Articles, Different Makes

AI Automotive Historical Archives Articles dating back to 1895 - electric cars, body constructions, early car delivery, "Hill" automobile. Ford Thunderbird History Chrysler History, Timeline & Firsts Tracing the Corvette's History General Motors History Polish & Eastern European Cars Postal Jeep History - Part Two Mustang Speedway: Mustang History

Automobile Accessories

Air Bags Car Radio In 1929, American Paul Galvin invented the first car radio, Galvin was the head of Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. The first car radios were not available from car makers, they had to purchased by the consumer. Paul Galvin coins the name "Motorola" for the company's new products, combining the idea of motion and radio. (early motorola radio) Cat Eyes Percy Shaw patented his invention in 1934 when he was only 23. He had decided to invent something that would help drivers steer in the dark. His invention was modelled on the eye of a cat, which contains a reflective layer called the tapetum. The first fuel injection system for cars is invented in 1966. The History of Gasoline The inventors behind automotive fuel. Edmond Berger invented the spark plug on February 2, 1839. Muffler - Inventor Eugene Houdry Invented the manufacture of liquid fuels, invented the catalytic muffler, and a synthetic rubber process. Seat Belts/Safety Belts Ford automobiles first offered car seat belts. By 1964, all new American cars had seat belts in the front seats - by 1966, all cars had seat belts in the rear seats. Tires The history of tires. Power Steering Power Steering was invented by Francis W. Davis. He was the chief engineer in the 1920s of the truck division of the Pierce Arrow Motor Car Company, he saw first hand how hard it was to steer heavy vehicles. Davis quit his job, rented a small engineering shop in Waltham, Mass., and developed a hydraulic power steering system that led to power steering which was finally commercially available by 1951. Windshield Wipers - Inventor Mary Anderson Mary Anderson, invented windshield wipers - patented in 1905. Art Cars Just for fun.

Related Information Motorcycles The first motorcycles, Gottlieb Daimler and the first practical motorcycle, online motorcycle museum, motorcycle history. Tractors A history of farm tractors, early inventors, other agricultural innovations. Rudolf Gunnerman Invented water based fuels.

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